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Celebrate Oklahoma Voices Members:

Just a quick note to remind everyone of our published COV project video content guidelines:


Our guidelines require each video include at least SOME audio narration. We have received several videos recently which are photo slideshows set to music. In general, these videos do NOT meet our content guidelines and will not be approved.

As you create digital stories with your students, we want to encourage you to:

  • conduct interviews
  • integrate audio interviews in your stories
  • include audio narration which tells a story

You are certainly welcome and encouraged to publish "music video" style projects on YouTube and elsewhere, but keep in mind use of full songs in slideshows set to music are less likely to meet "fair use" guidelines as a copyright defense. When you use portions of music files, and use music as background audio for narration and interview audio, it's more likely that use is "transformative" and meets the requirements for "fair use" under copyright law.

As Storychasers we want to encourage your creativity and your creative sharing! Please remember, however, that videos on our learning community need to include at least SOME audio narration as well as comply with other elements of our content guidelines.

Please let me know if you have questions. Also remember to encourage other teachers to register for our upcoming summer COV and CTV workshops in Oklahoma and Kansas! Details are on:




Wesley Fryer

Executive Director

Storychasers Inc.


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Can I use a track from a cd as background for a narrated story? Is this what you mean by "transformative?"


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